Beer glasses can become your perfect companion for your home beer sessions and parties if you have the right ones with you. While pint glasses are the most common ones for regular use and restaurant servings, there are other types that you should know about in case you want to try something new. Some of these glasses are designed specially to preserve the foam over your beer, while others are made to enhance the colors of your beer. The texture and design of the glasses can change the way you experience your beer forever.

Beer mugs

Beer mugs are probably the most favorite type of beer glasses after the usual pint glasses. Due to their comforting handle and heavy cylindrical design, they can be the best ones for keeping your beer chilled for longer. They can also be the best glasses to raise a toast for strengthening your bond with your friends.


Goblets are another interesting type of beer glasses that come in different sizes. They have a long and thick stem with a bowl-shaped container sitting on top, which also gives it this name. Goblets are also known as chalices, but the specific chalices are slightly heavier than goblets and may also have engravings and silver or gold rims.

Pilsners Glasses

Pilsner glasses are uniquely designed tall and skinny glasses that are generally used for serving light beers such as pilsners. They can come in different sizes, but the most common ones have slightly less volume than the pint glasses. The sleek design helps you to enjoy the color and texture of your beer while the wider top helps retain the foam on the top of your beer.

Weizen glasses

Somewhat similar to wine glasses, snifters are quite luxurious and may not be served on a regular basis at local bars. But it does not mean that snifters are more or less expensive than the others. These glasses are used for beer tasting and smelling the aromatics of the beer. IT has a stem-like goblet or a wine glass, which a bowl on top that can contain plenty of beer.


These glasses are similar to pilsner glasses, but their shape makes all the difference. They are thin and tall glasses with a curved upper body and a strong narrow base. These glasses are designed especially for wheat beer, as it helps to trap the thick foam on the top while you enjoy your beer.

Tulip & thistle glasses

There weird vase-shaped beer glasses are another unique design that you should try out. These glasses also have a thin stem with a footer and a tulip-like bowl on the top. The open outward top helps in keeping the foam of the beer for longer. These glasses are commonly used for stronger brews as they suit the texture and color of them better.