If you prepare yourself to drink a specific type of beer by making the right arrangements, we assure you will not be disappointed. One important factor that can really bring our texture, color, aroma, and taste of the beer is a beer glass that suits the type of beer you are having. If you can match your beer with your glass properly, you can do magic to enjoy your beer in the best manner. While most of the bars serve their beers in the regular pint glasses, you can always make your home experience count with these different types of glasses to enjoy different beers.


Pilsner glasses are used for serving light beer like pilsner itself. This thin and tall glass suits the light beers and highlights their colors and the carbonation. The shape of pilsner glasses is similar to champagne glasses to help the carbonation last for long. It can also keep the foam on the top last longer while you sip the beer under it. Try out pilsner glasses for having lager, witbiers, lambic, bocks, and pilsner beers.


Weizen glasses were first made in Germany, especially for wheat beer, Weizen in German. These glasses are similar to pilsner glasses but are more thinner to compliment the color of wheat beers. They have larger rims to accommodate beer with a large foam head. If you are planning to serve wheat beers like hefeweizens, then is glass is the right choice for you.


Goblet, aka chalice, are the thick bowls on top of a comparative thicket stick than wine glasses. Goblets are not known to have any specific measurements and come in all sizes. Its inside-curved mouth helps the drinkers to enjoy the aromas of the beer while slowly sipping and tasting the flavors. A goblet and chalice are quite similar; however, the glass used for chalice can be slightly thicker. These glasses are perfect for trying out some Belgian style ales.


The shape of these special glasses are like Tulips and hence the game. They are also known as Belgian beer glasses or Bruges in the traditional beer houses. The shape of tulip glasses is similar to wine glasses, but the opening of the glass is slightly taller, like a vase. The shape of the glass is perfect for trying and smelling the aromas of beers. These glasses will perfectly suit hobby beers like IPAs and sour beers, but you can also try French and Belgian ales in these.


Snifters are not your regular drinking glasses and are generally used in beer tasting festivals. They are similar to wine glasses and can also be used to serve whiskey and brandy. It has a large bowl that fits on top of a thinking stem. It helps in getting your beer to adjust to your body temperature through your palm. Snifter is best for tasting dark beers, double IPAs, Tripel, Barleywines, and Scotch Ales.